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Facts about MEWP Training Dublin

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MEWPs are generally used within the workplace and are ideal replacements for tower scaffolds and ladders which offer instant access to heights. On the other hand, the operators are usually asked to make use of these machines without being provided any formal training and as a result, they’re not aware of the security precautions needed. The MEWPs may present an increased risk of destabilization when improperly operated, a risk that can be substantially minimized by professional training on using the MEWPs.

In case of successful completion of the MEWP training Dublin, the delegates would be capable of operating MEWPs correctly and safely in accordance with manufacturers’ handbook. They will also be able to understand clearly the causes of unsteadiness while operating them. They are expected to carry out the operation correctly.

The MEWP training Dublin is mainly aimed to teach the delegates about the pre-use assessment of them, work securely at heights, and then understand completely the steps to be taken in case of urgent lowering of the MEWPs in case of an emergency. The MEWP training Dublin is delivered on your own premises and is primarily designed to provide the participants with knowledge and skills needed to operate the MEWPs in a safe and competent way, in accordance with the manufacturer’s operating directions.

A course on MEWP training Dublin is primarily intended to create, as well as improve the safety in connection with the MEWP. On the completion of this particular course, the participants would be capable of operating the machines securely, minimizing the possibility of incurring injury to pedestrians and operators. The training program will be delivered straight to your site or premises at the most convenient time for you.

Course Objectives:

It is expected that upon completion of the training course, the participants are able to do the following:

  • Perform driver regular checks
  • Recharge securely
  • Help in the battery maintenance
  • Operate the trucks in a correct and safe way
  • Operate the trucks in a more efficient and effective way, minimizing injuries and damages
  • Understand the load safety & stability principles
  • Recognize the hazards and dangers that are associated with the usage of the lift trucks
  • Understand the load capacity in connection with the industrial pallet racking and lift trucks

Extra Categories

The standard MEWP operator course includes the self-propelled and lift boom. Other MEWP categories could be done on same training period subject to availability of the machines.


This 1-day MEWP operator course is available from any training centers which include Dublin.

Onsite MEWP Training

Onsite MEWP training Dublin on your premises can be availed anywhere in the country subject to a minimum numbers requirement, and having the MEWPs available on the site. There should be a room that is suitable for the onsite training for the course’s theory section and the related MEWPs groups will be needed for the practical test, and this may depend on the candidates they want to have on their card. Other things needed are the MEWP operator’s guide and a copy of the recent 6-month comprehensive examination certificate for every MEWP.

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